NEWS POST 10 – Discovery Channel new series

Our production partner in Hong Kong, Expedition and Production Management (EPM) Asia Ltd, run and owned by explorer and remote location producer Steven Ballantyne, has just completed a fabulous new series for Tigress Productions:”Naked and Marooned with Ed Stafford” which is being aired on Discovery. “From initially scouting and securing ‘The Island’ through to managing the production […]

NEWS POST 07 Our blog – Dragonfly Comms

We have a blog, our MD is a photojournalist and writer and covers events, reviews exhibitions and books. Do contact us if you’ve something we may be interested in covering.

Dragonfly Communications – what we do

We are owned and run by Vanessa Champion PhD, who has been in PR and communications, creative marketing and editorial for over 20 years. She has a wide network from investors and technology companies to tourist boards and the Foreign Office, from artists and photographers to musicians and graphic designers and TV producers. Our strength […]