NEWS POST 10 – Discovery Channel new series

TX card 19th Feb

Our production partner in Hong Kong, Expedition and Production Management (EPM) Asia Ltd, run and owned by explorer and remote location producer Steven Ballantyne, has just completed a fabulous new series for Tigress Productions:”Naked and Marooned with Ed Stafford” which is being aired on Discovery.

“From initially scouting and securing ‘The Island’ through to managing the production on location for the entire 60 day shoot was a unique and fascinating experience – maintaining the integrity of this ground breaking production was of utmost importance, ensuring Ed was left totally alone and without any external support for 60 days, although utterly exhausting being on 24 call for 60 days it was tremendously rewarding to have been apart of this fascinating production by Tigress Productions for Discovery UK.”

A full article of Steven’s work is going out on Location Guide soon too, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you are production company needing a location scout, fixer, line producer for jungle, mountain, remote location expedition contact us now, or Steven direct (contact details on our “partners” page).


NEWS POST 09 – Eizo Nanao Technologies

Eizo Nanao Technologies

Eizo Nanao Technologies

We have been working on some amazing case studies for Eizo Technologies. They make the best screens in the business! If you edit photographs, are an animator, love proper colour management, make posters, involved in film, do graphic design, are in advertising, then get yourself one! They have been used for decades by everyone in film, TV, ad agencies, photography, retouching, editing, magazines, publishing, medical research, gaming, graphic design even air traffic control! Where colour and quality resolution matters. Contact them to find your closest reseller and hear about the deals currently on.

Some exciting news coming soon as well….

NEWS POST 08 Artist Papers – special offer

Charcoal by William Rose on Strathmore Fine Art Paper

Charcoal by William Rose on Strathmore Fine Art Paper

One of our clients has a 5 for 4 special offer on their Strathmore Fine Art Paper from America. It is being sold and distributed for the first time here in the UK.

Full range of art papers from Bristol board, pastel, charcoal, sequential art, watercolour, cold-press, hot-press, over a hundred products

To see the range CLICK HERE to go to ARTISTPAPERS.CO.UK

NEWS POST 07 Our blog – Dragonfly Comms

Rodin's The Thinker, image copyright Vanessa Champion

Rodin’s The Thinker, image copyright Vanessa Champion

We have a blog, our MD is a photojournalist and writer and covers events, reviews exhibitions and books. Do contact us if you’ve something we may be interested in covering.

Dragonfly Communications – what we do

We are owned and run by Vanessa Champion PhD, who has been in PR and communications, creative marketing and editorial for over 20 years. She has a wide network from investors and technology companies to tourist boards and the Foreign Office, from artists and photographers to musicians and graphic designers and TV producers.

Our strength is project management and helping find and manage creative solutions for your business.

We lift our clients ideas and products into the market place, helping broker and manage relationships.

Have a product you want to get into the marketplace? Need contacts? Need a door-opener? Need someone to manage your social network/digital marketing?
Need case studies? Want a copy-writer? Proof-reader? Graphic design? Need someone to help negotiate advertising for you AND secure editorial? Want some proper product shots or corporate or Linked in photos? Need your brochures or letters translated?

If it’s to do with communicating your message, let us help. We can do all this and more, always with a smile and an ease of touch. We are now friends with all our clients, and as such we can often broker more business between those we trust and you.

Call us now, for a meeting or just to outline any need you may have. Seriously, if we can’t do it, we’ll definitely know someone who can.

Dragonfly Communications – let us help give your business wings