New children’s Facebook page and App launched – The Trepets

Tara the Tiny Trepet

Tara the Tiny Trepet

The Trepets series is written by C.A.Chance and sold thousands of copies when the three books of short stories were published a few years ago. Now The Trepets have their own Facebook page  and also children and families can download the books from the iTunes App store  for iPad and iPhone.

For children who love nature, fairies, elves, leprechauns and having fun! The Trepets live in a big Oak Tree on the edge of a field, every day they get up to all kinds of fun adventures with the animals and fairies they share their home with. They also recycle and take care of wildlife.

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Celebration of 20 years – award to Chairman and MD of Creativity International

Fabulous news and big congratulations to my client, Creativity International. A more lovely company you couldn’t ask for…

Creativity International

Creativity International is 20 years old this year

2013 has also seen Creativity International achieve record sales. It’s been a phenomenal year.

From their beginnings twenty years ago as purely an educational product supplier selling mostly to schools and distributors, Creativity International’s business has grown exponentially and are now one, if not THE, largest supplier of educational art, craft and resources in the UK with strong export business across Europe and beyond.  Three years ago they expanded their product range selling Photographic Backdrops for film, TV and the professional photography market with new products coming out each year. Two years ago they launched the Strathmore Fine Art Paper from America, here in the UK and this is gaining market share. And there is another new business hot on the horizon.

2013 has been a marvelous year for Creativity and the Creativity Team.  From our very beginnings…

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