New CBeebies Range from Creativity International hits retail

CBeebies fun bright craft toys for children to play with-3

Leading manufacturer and distributor of educational craft here in the UK, Creativity International are delighted to announce the launch of their brand new craft range created under licence with BBC Worldwide to produce CBeebies licensed merchandise.

We truly feel that a partnership between the most watched children’s channel in the UK and ourselves is the perfect fit, especially when you consider the fact that one of the main aims of CBeebies is to encourage learning through play for children aged 6 and under – something we at Creativity hold in high regard.” Says Rob Ireland, Managing Director of Creativity.

There are 8 craft kits in total, with each one providing a different way of enhancing creativity in children. Each kit consists of an original design based around the iconic CBeebies’ Bugbies

for TRADE / RETAIL enquiries call Ben Cornwell on 01384 485 550

to buy the kits visit 


URGENT APPEAL Children of Kitenge Africa – can you help?

Our director, Vanessa Champion, is a trustee of Kitenge Africa, and has just been sent this desperate request to help buy some much needed bedding for the children in Uganda.

At the moment they are sleeping on the floor, many to a room. It is a far better already than where they were before, having lived on the streets and slums in Kampala.

Now they are safe and are growing, they have regular health checks and education, they work as a team and slowly, their lives are being transformed thanks to dedicated work and voluntary free time given by professional people in Kampala who travel to support and mentor the children, often having to work longer hours to make up the time.

A clean bed at night, which is OFF THE FLOOR and has new clean mattresses will dramatically improve their lives overnight, literally. If you have a few dollars or pounds, please if you can, make a small donation, or indeed if you are able to buy a bed outright for the children they will name the bed after you!!

US$200 is UK £120 – you can use the link below or if you prefer to do it through us please let us know, drop us an email.  Please share if you can, many many thanks for your help.

Urgent Appeal Kitenge Africa Foundation bed request for the street and slum children from Kampala, Uganda.

Urgent Appeal Kitenge Africa Foundation bed request for the street and slum children from Kampala, Uganda.

New children’s Facebook page and App launched – The Trepets

Tara the Tiny Trepet

Tara the Tiny Trepet

The Trepets series is written by C.A.Chance and sold thousands of copies when the three books of short stories were published a few years ago. Now The Trepets have their own Facebook page  and also children and families can download the books from the iTunes App store  for iPad and iPhone.

For children who love nature, fairies, elves, leprechauns and having fun! The Trepets live in a big Oak Tree on the edge of a field, every day they get up to all kinds of fun adventures with the animals and fairies they share their home with. They also recycle and take care of wildlife.

Contact us for: Distribution and partnerships with teachers, schools, educational suppliers, retailers, booksellers and wildlife and heritage outlets. Activities linked to the National Curriculum.

NEWS POST 26 – Children of Africa Art Exhibition, Red Earth Education

Blackheath Halls, SE1 London is host to this year’s colourful and vital exhibition of work by children from Africa. Any work sold helps Red Earth Education, which is an amazing organisation which teaches teachers in Uganda to help make the education of 1,000s of children phenomenally better.

A two month long exhibit running 20TH JULY – 20TH SEPTEMBER 2013. With a celebratory private view including live music on 5TH SEMPTEMBER from Abioye & Randall Doors open at 6:30PM. Prices start at just £10. Anything would be a wonderful support.

The Colours of Africa, exhibition of children's work from Uganda Africa, supporting Red Earth Education, teaching teachers in Uganda, Africa.

The Colours of Africa, exhibition of children’s work from Uganda Africa, supporting Red Earth Education, teaching teachers in Uganda, Africa.

Did you know there are more children under the age of 16 in Uganda than anywhere else in the world. Education is vitally important, it the best way forward in Africa, to improve lives at a young age, protect girls and encourage understanding and knowledge to help regeneration and progress in the country. Often classes have over 300 children in them. So to help the teachers in Africa cope better and be better teachers, Red Earth goes in and trains them. Professional educators themselves, Red Earth makes a difference at grass roots level. Will you help us change this?


If you find time while the exhibition is on, please go and support, write a comment in the book for the children to read, or if you can’t go, leave a message on their website and if you can spare a few pounds make a little donation (maybe skip that Starbucks coffee this morning and squeeze the £3 into the Red Earth pot?)

Thanks so much for your support, means a lot to hundreds of children.

The story we often receive of Africa is one of children hungry and malnourished, a place in need. This is not the only story to be told. We welcome you to a different story, one of dreams and ambition, creativity and wonder.

Help us to empower teachers and give children in Uganda the best start in life 🙂

Watch the short video on the homepage about Kampala

BLACKHEATH HALLS is just two minutes walk from Blackheath station.

There is ample parking in the Station Car Park (FREE after 6:30pm) which is two minutes walk from the Halls.

NEWS POST 21 – Creativity International is guest blog for Rymans

Want some boredom busting ideas? Need a bit of inspiration for Back to School?

Rymans the stationers invited Creativity International to write their guest blog this week. What are your ideas for Back to School?

Mr Terry the Tissue Fish, guest blog by Creativity International

Mr Terry the Tissue Fish, guest blog by Creativity International