News Post 29 – EIZO releases World’s first ever 240 Hz monitor for gaming

World's first ever 240Hz #monitor for #gaming from EIZO

World’s first ever 240Hz #monitor for #gaming from EIZO

@EIZOUK EIZO Limited announce the 23.5-inch FORIS FG2421, the world’s first #gaming monitor with a 240 Hz refresh rate. The FORIS FG2421 also features a low input lag and gaming preset modes that were developed with professional gamers to make it ideal for first-person shooter, racing, fighting, and other fast-action genres.

The FORIS FG2421 comes with a new feature called Turbo 240 that surpasses the 120 Hz refresh rate of conventional gaming monitors. This high refresh rate along with a response time of less than 1 ms produces the smoothest image display available on a gaming monitor.

This high contrast ratio increases visibility in dark scenes making it easier to spot enemies. Plus EIZO developed its own integrated circuit to minimize the input lag or the time it takes for commands from a keyboard, mouse, or controller to appear on the screen.

Two color modes for FPS (first-person shooter) and one for RTS (real-time strategy) games are included. The FPS and RTS modes were co-developed with professional gamers from Fnatic, a leading eSports team, to provide ideal brightness, contrast, and gamma settings. Three fully-customisable modes for users who want to import and export their own settings are also built-in.

EIZO is bundling its new software, ScreenManager Pro for Gaming, with the FORIS FG2421. This software lets users download gaming presets used by professional gamers from  or export their own customised colour modes to other gamers who also own the FORIS FG2421.

To allow for using the full 23.5-inch screen, the user can enlarge the image while maintaining the aspect ratio or expand it to fill the entire screen.

Turbo 240 in the world's first ever 240Hz #gaming #monitor from EIZO

Turbo 240 in the world’s first ever 240Hz #gaming #monitor from EIZO

The FORIS FG2421 is designed to provide viewing comfort over long hours of gameplay. With the Turbo 240 set to off, the FORIS FG2421 maintains a refresh rate of 120 Hz and uses EIZO’s own hybrid technology for providing flicker-free images at any brightness level. A sensor on the front of the monitor detects the ambient brightness and adjusts the screen’s brightness to the ideal level which saves energy and prevents eyestrain. The sensor can enabled/disabled by the user.

PLUS The FORIS FG2421 debuts a new cabinet design. The back of the monitor features an illuminated EIZO logo on a glossy surface that is surrounded by a vermillion frame. Above this frame is a handle for carrying the monitor to a LAN party or gaming event. For viewing comfort, the stand provides 60 mm of height adjustment, 25° of tilt and 344° of swivel. A cable holder contributes to a clutter-free desktop.

Eizo Nanao Technologies #photographers #images #editing #monitors #colourcallibration

Eizo Nanao Technologies #photographers #images #editing #monitors #colourcallibration

The five-year manufacturer’s warranty2 ensures a long service life and is significantly longer than the three-year warranty of most gaming monitors.


The FORIS FG2421 is now available. Please contact the EIZO subsidiary or distributor in your country for details.

for more information about EIZO visit


NEWS POST 20 – The TwistFlex has landed…

TwistFlex” further expands Creativity Backgrounds product line

Twistflex is a portable pop-up double sided photography / video background. Photographers will benefit from the Twistflex backgrounds as they are ideal for situations where a self-supporting wrinkle free background needs to be quickly set up, moved and packed away.

“We added Twistflex into our range in response to mobile photographers needing something quick and portable,” said Clive Bailey of Creativity Backgrounds. “Our core business is our over 50 shades of paper coloured backdrops, selling thousands of rolls to resellers and professional photographers all over the UK, Europe and Worldwide. We hope the new range, which also joins our recently added PhotoDrape and PolySilk, will inspire photographers and make their job easier.”

TwistFlex from Creativity Backgrounds

TwistFlex from Creativity Backgrounds

The Twistflex background is a cloth stretched out by the Twistflex metal outer to create a crease and wrinkle free pop up background, and is reversible chroma green or chroma blue (black and white also available).  When opened out the Twistflex background is a good size at 2.16m x 1.79 m and folds away into a circle 84cms diameter, it weighs 3kgs so it is very lightweight, it includes circular carry bag.

Video makers and greenscreen photographers will value the Chroma Key “TwistFlex” £175 +vat

The black and white option

There is a video tutorial to help explain how to open and fold it away too

TwistFlex new product from Creativity Backgrounds, a leading name in photographic backdrops

TwistFlex new product from Creativity Backgrounds, a leading name in photographic backdrops

NEWS POST 17 – Creativity Backgrounds launch “PhotoDrape” and “PolySilk”

Creativity Backgrounds logo

Creativity Backgrounds logo

Creativity Backgrounds announce launch of two new exclusive Backdrops “PhotoDrape” and “PolySilk”

Creativity Backgrounds PhotoDrape Crushed Dye Berry

Creativity Backgrounds PhotoDrape Crushed Dye Berry

PhotoDrape – Through intensive dying processes photographers benefit from the unique patterns on these high quality fabric backgrounds certain to enhance their portrait photography. These Creativity Backgrounds PhotoDrapes are packed in a sturdy carry bag, dyed to the same patterns as the PhotoDrape itself. They come with a 6″ pocket on the end, along with metal grommets for easy hanging.

PhotoDrape is available in 11 colours across three Dye processes which add elegance, gothic flavour or classic beauty to portraits depending on the colour the photographer chooses.

The Three Dye Processes – Wash, Crush and Tie Dyes. Colours available –

  • Wash Dye – Steel Grey, Dark Grey, Wash Blue.
  • Crush Dye – Sandstorm, Chestnut, Berry, Grey Cloud, Charcoal, Moss
  • Tie Dye – Storm Grey
  • Price – £144 inc vat (£120 ex vat)   
  • Size – 3m x 3.6m (10ft x 12ft)
Creativity Backgrounds Polysilk Grey

Creativity Backgrounds Polysilk Grey

PolySilk – Creativity Backgrounds PolySilk can be folded and is easily transportable, ideal for photographers on the move. They are washable, it does not matter if they get wet or damp so they be used outdoors.

  • Available in three colours: Grey, White and Chroma Green
  • Price – £95 inc vat  (£79.17 ex vat)
  • Size – 2.72m x 3m

Only £6 delivery inc vat (£5 ex vat)

Creativity Backgrounds are the suppliers of Superior Seamless paper backgrounds, used by Professional Photographers for over 30 years. Guaranteed hotspot free, there are over 50 colours of Creativity Paper Backgrounds and new fabric and pattered designed ranges continue to expand the business. Creativity Backgrounds continue to gain good market share of loyal and growing business from leading award-winning fashion, product and portrait photographers as well as national institutions, agencies, film companies and fashion houses.

Creativity Backgrounds are Patrons of the Royal Photographic Society

Creativity Backgrounds host an online gallery to support and inspire photographers. New submissions are always welcome, low res 100 dpi jpgs to be sent along with website and 50 word bio to in the first instance.

Creativity Backgrounds is part of the parent company Creativity International, which is celebrating 20 years in business this year. Creativity International is one, if not the, leading suppliers of paper, educational and art products in the UK across schools, high street retailers, grocers and worldwide.